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Erika Scarth

At 8 years old, a little girl watched a documentary about a writer who was so inspired to write that he slept under his desk.      “I want to feel that way too!” she declared. This is where OPEL Stories was born…

I’ve forgotten who the writer was. Somehow, it no longer matters. The legacy left behind by this unknown man left me with a drive to feel what he had felt – a feeling of passion and purpose that gave me immense energy and made me want to get up in the morning to do work that was truly meaningful to me.

Everyone deserves to create a life that inspires them, feeling energised and driven to follow through with their life vision, knowing they have the skills, qualities, knowledge and wisdom to bring their vision to life.

OPEL Stories offers coaching and events to inspire and support people to feel empowered and create a positive impact in the world by sharing the experiences of people who are living extraordinary lives, connecting like-minded enthusiasts and offering tailored support along the way.

You, too, can ignite and pursue your passions, bring more purpose to your life and leave your (positive) signature in the universe.


What does OPEL mean?

Ordinary People

Some people have more money than others. Some people are more well known than others. Some people are louder than others… BUT…

Fundamentally, we are the same. In different circumstances, living on different spots on the earth with different coloured hair, but ultimately we are all born the same.

We all have a purpose to love, to give, to share, to connect. To make the world a better place and to have fun doing it! To live and learn. To be the best you can be. To live a meaningful life.

Extraordinary Lives

There is no difference between you and the most successful person you can think of. Sometimes they have good days too, sometimes they have excellent days; sometimes they find life hard and sometimes they struggle too.

You are the same.

You are infinitely valuable and worthy of life, love and success.

You can live an extraordinary life.


Working towards a cause greater than yourself.


Creating wholesome connections.


Falling in love with what you do.


The energy and motivation to pursue your dreams.


Making a difference in the world, “leaving a dent in the universe”.

You are

Opel stories has two main aims

Through the stories of other people all over the world who are creating positive change through personal projects and social impact work, we aim to show our readers that anyone can work towards their ambitions, fall in love with the work they do and create great impact in the world.

Who do you interview?

We tell the stories of ordinary people from around the world who are living extraordinary lives, through social impact and acts of compassion,

Extraordinary =

· Creating social impact eg. Creating a movement or space that brings about positive change

· Standing up against injustices eg. Fighting for education, safety, clean water

· Performing selfless acts of heroism eg. Helping someone at immediate risk

· Demonstrations of compassion and kindness eg. Daily work or projects that help people

· Dedication to personal quests which also benefit others eg. not taking public transport

· New ways of thinking in society eg. creating a business with a unique angle

Interviews are by invitation or recommendation only so if you know someone who is doing work that needs to be shared with the world, recommend them by clicking here!

Inspiration is great. It’s what gets us excited and motivated to take action. Along that journey we sometimes need a helping hand, guidance, advice, ideas, a space to think and a network of people who believe in us.

That’s where OPEL Stories comes in.

We offer:

· Confidential one-to-one coaching to give you the space and time to get clarity on your vision, overcome any hesitations, feel more confident, create a plan and take action.

· Events to connect with other change makers and share resources.

· Links and recommend resources to give you information on start-up, overcoming self-doubt and how to be more productive.



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